Which Summer Session is Right for You?

Summer is one of the busiest times at NYU! There are a number of unique programs and courses offered to thousands of students. To find the best for you, see our detailed descriptions below:

NYU Summer in New York City: Courses are offered to current NYU students as well as visiting students, both domestic and international. Most courses are for credit, however some non-credit options do exist. Courses vary in length, including three-week courses, six-week courses, and twelve-week sessions. Most summer courses are six-weeks long and fall under either Summer Session I or Summer Session II. Throughout this blog we’ll refer to the following sessions:

Summer Session I: 5/22 – 7/3
First 3-week session: 5/22 – 6/11
Second 3-week session: 6/12 – 7/2
Summer Session II: 7/3 – 8/13
Third 3-week session: 7/3 – 7/23
Fourth 3-week session: 7/24 – 8/13

Be sure to keep these dates in mind while exploring the course search. Dates for courses will be listed in each course and can be found in the course notes.

Special Summer Programs @ NYU
Students who are interested in a more structured experience, instead of individual courses, may prefer one of our specialized academic programs. Please note that the following programs may require a separate application (as indicated in the description). Information about dates, cost, and application procedures can be found on their respective websites.

Summer Journalism at NYU: All levels of writers are invited to attend NYU Journalism’s Summer Academy at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. Courses include “Eat NY,” “Report NY,” “Style NY,” “The Beat,” and more!

Steinhardt Music and Performing Arts Professions (MPAP): Steinhardt’s acclaimed faculty offer countless courses and workshops to college and postgraduate students every summer. Topics include instrumental and vocal performance, scoring and songwriting, music business, music technology, dance education, music education, and educational theatre. Separate application is required.

Tisch School of the Arts: Tisch’s summer intensives and noncredit certificates are designed for college students and adult learners. Non-credit Dramatic Writing and Film Certificates are available through Tisch, as well as a Photography and Human Rights Program, Summer Dance Residency Festival, Recorded Music Boot Camp, and Summer Music Theatre. Note: Some intensives below may require a program application in addition to the Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application to register. Please see the website for additional information.

American Language Institute (ALI): ALI offers a part-time Professional English Program during the summer months to help students with English as a second language to perfect their language skills. Topics include accent correction, effective business writing, grammar and writing, and job hunting skills for international professionals. Separate application required.

This is just a sampling of all of the programs available to students during the summer months. If you’re unsure about which program is the best fit for you, or if you have questions about a specific program, don’t hesitate to email us at up.advising@nyu.edu.


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