NYU, like all American universities, require all their students to be up to date on their immunizations in order to insure the health and wellness of all the students, faculty and staff. As a visiting student, you will also be held to the same immunization standards.

January 15th is the deadline to submit your immunization history to the NYU Health and Wellness Center. For more information about what shots you will be required to have on your record, look here. For more information about how to upload your immunization record, look here.

If you are wondering — like I did — about where to get your immunization history, the best places are your family physician or your currently undergraduate university. As I mentioned, every US university has immunization requirements and keeps records for all their students, even after they graduate. If you do not have the copy of your history, if you do not have a consistent physician, call your undergraduate university and they should be able to send those records to you.


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