Finding Your Classes

Classes are starting! Do you know where you’re going?

NYU is a spread out campus with buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn. No matter where you are headed, you can find the building’s address and classroom number with just a few clicks.

The easiest and quickest way to find out all the information about your courses is to check out the NYU Mobile app! Once you download the app and sign in you can access Albert, NYU Classes, Safe NYU and more!

If you want to know what buildings your courses are in, you can just click on the “Albert” button on the top row, right side. It will pull up your Albert home page where your full schedule can be found, including the addresses for the buildings. Now, if you want to know where those buildings are, you can click on the menu option on the right side and select “map.”

Once on the map, type in where your courses are and you’ll be ready to go — only a click away from figuring out where to go!

If you’ve got a phone there’s no reason to pull out a big paper map, or to get lost. Be on time and in your seat ready to learn.



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