Welcome Week App

Did you know there’s a NYU App?

This handy app is home to everything you need to know while you’re here at NYU. From your schedule to a campus map, this app makes life as a NYU student that much easier. And better still, the app has a section for Welcome Week! With schedules and descriptions of all the events offered during Welcome Week — including events that are specific for you as a visiting student — you won’t want to wait to download the app.

If you haven’t taken the time to download the app yet, why not go ahead and do it? Search in your app store for “NYU Mobile.”Now that you’ve downloaded the app, click on “Welcome Week.” You’ll then be asked to select your school. At that point, you will select “visiting student.” You will need to log in with your netID and use the following password: visiting18. And then you’re set!

Welcome Week is a great way to launch yourself into the NYU community! From good food to concerts to plays, Welcome Week has everything you need to get acclimated to life at NYU. There is even an in-app calendar that you can add the different events to and be reminded of those events to keep you not only organized but plugged in to all that NYU has to offer!


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