Visa Information

Arriving in the US as an international student means that you must have a visa. If you are going to be getting your visa from NYU, you need to make sure that you are in contact with the Office of Global Services. OGS handles all things visa related here at NYU — from getting your visa, to checking in once you arrive in New York, to making sure that you are under full compliance — and they are the place to go with any and all questions.

To learn about the first steps to getting your visa look here. This information will give you a step-by-step guide for what you need to do and what kind of visa you need to apply for.

If you’re curious about what you should pack when you’re coming to the US, you can find a helpful packing guide here.

Living in a new country, even if just for a semester, can be challenging, especially when you’re thousands of miles from your family. NYU OGS has created a helpful resource with information on what you can expect when arriving in a new country and what kind of adjustments you may experience. Of course, each person is different and everyone adjusts in their own way and time. But this resource can serve as a helpful guide for you and your family as you begin to plan for your time in New York City.

If you have other questions concerning your visa, you should reach out to OGS directly. They can be reached via email at

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