Am I Registered Correctly?

It is around this time that you should be making sure you are properly registered for classes to avoid any issues at the start of the term. So what does this mean?check out some friendly reminders and FAQ below:

How can I check on my registration? 
Take a moment to log into your NYUHome account, click on the “Academics” tab, and log into Albert to make sure you are properly registered.

What if the course I want has a waitlist?
For all of our students students, if you are interested in a course that is wait listed, we strongly recommend that you identify an alternative course for credit and set up what’s called a “Swap” function in Albert.

How does “swap” work?
The Swap allows you to be on the wait list of your first-choice class, and be registered into your second-choice class. Then, if enough space opens up in the class you are wait listed in for you to be enrolled, Albert will automatically drop you from your second-choice class and enroll you in the first-choice class. To set up the Swap function, refer to the Albert Registration Guide.

How will I know whether I’ll be accepted off the waitlist or not?
Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know when or if you will get into a waitlisted course; course registration is open through the beginning of your term. We therefore recommend this Swap function so you can be sure you will be registered in the right amount of courses.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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