What to pack!

With classes starting within the next couple of weeks you might be wondering what you should bring with you. Here are some helpful tips.


Packing: Although we know it can be difficult, it is essential to pack lightly!  Don’t forget that many of you will be buying souvenirs, gifts, and other random things, and you will want to have room in your luggage to bring it all home.  If you forget to pack something, chances are high that you will be able to get it in New York after you arrive.

One common rule is to set out everything you plan to bring and then cut it in half. (Think of it as a personal challenge.) When you do pack, don’t forget to put your valuables in your carry-on along with an extra change of clothes in case your luggage gets lost or is delayed on its way to New York.

The following is a basic list of suggested items to bring this winter:

  • Passport (for international students) or government-issued photo ID (for American students)
  • Comfortable walking shoes. New Yorkers walk everywhere…a lot!
  • Warm clothes and snow boots We know it’s the Spring term…but it’s not spring in the City yet!
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Umbrella
  • Laptop or computer. There will be several computer labs available to you around campus, but if you prefer to use your own laptop, feel free to bring it.  If you are an international student, don’t forget an adapter!
  • Backpack or school bag. You will be carrying your books and supplies with you everywhere. It is a good idea to have a sturdy bag with you.
  • Medication. If you need medication, you should bring enough to last you for the entire January Term.  Having copies of your prescription(s) in generic form is also a good idea.
  • Toiletries you can’t live without — those brands you know you can only get at home or will be too expensive in New York.
  • Battery-powered alarm clock
  • Notebooks, pens, pencils, and calendar/planner for class. Bring whatever supplies you know work best for your studying style.
  • Journal
  • Camera
  • Guidebook(s)

Books: The NYU Bookstore allows students to browse textbook options before even receiving a syllabus. Create your own personalized book list, compare prices between the NYU bookstore and major leading retailers, download an eBook, or rent books. As there are so many options, we suggest exploring the bookstore’s website to familiarize yourself with the materials you’ll need. Order online or when you come to campus.

Arrival: Students should plan to arrive in time to attend their first class of the Fall Term (or one of our Fall Check-In sessions–whichever comes first). Also, don’t forget to get your NYUCard once you arrive and before your first class.

Please email us at up.advising@nyu.edu with any last-minute questions or concerns. We look forward to welcoming you to NYU soon!

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