Registration & Enrollment

Visiting students can take courses in any of the schools at NYU provided
1) there is space still available in the course,
2) the course is open to you (not “majors only”, or similar),
3) you meet any prerequisites.  

To enroll in a course, you must first log into your NYUHome account, go to the Academics tab, click on Albert Login, then click on the Student Center (it’s in the middle of the page in large pink letters), then finally, click on Enrollment (or Enroll), where you can enter the 4 or 5 digit class number found by clicking on the green arrow below a course description in Albert. For additional help, you can refer to these registration guides.

If a course requires a prerequisite you believe you meet or an unexplained enrollment block than you must submit a course enrollment request form and email us at with any supporting documentation (ex. previous course syllabus, test scores, etc.).  We then share your academic background information with the academic department of the course you wish to take, and they review you for the course.  If approved, we email you with a permission number you can use in Albert to register for the class.  Note: You must be logged into your NYU email to access the online form.