Stern Classes

Only Stern Open Access Classes are open to visiting students. All Stern classes require students to submit an enrollment request form  regardless of whether they list prerequisite courses. (If a course simply requires “sophomore standing” it is not necessary to email us additional documentation.)

Once the request is submitted we will forward it to Stern Advising for review.  The Stern Business School has highly rigorous academic standards, and its courses cover more material than many of our peer institutions do in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. For that reason, every enrollment request is reviewed by Stern professors, who assess whether enrollment in that course is the best fit for that student’s academic success.


  • Stern undergraduate classes are only open to undergraduate students.  Therefore if you have earned an undergraduate degree you are not eligible to enroll in any Stern classes.
  • Stern Graduate classes are only open to Stern Graduate Students
  • You must currently be enrolled in a degree granting undergraduate program in order to take Stern classes.
  • Visiting students may only register for Stern Open Access Classes

Please do not attempt to contact Stern directly: this will only delay the process of your review.  Once Stern notifies our office of their decision we will contact you. Please note that Stern decisions are final and not subject to appeal.